Material or Software

Unity, Blender

Project Team Member

Hans Jakob

Project Supervisor and Support Team

Mosse Sjaastad, Gareth ‘Gaz’ Bushnell



Angler Fish is a game application for iPad, using the Gyroscope sensor in the iPad for control. The player can control and move the character by tilting the iPad in different directions. Angler Fish has a deep ocean theme and the player can only see certain areas by using small lights from the main character’s head. 

Rough visual sketch

Project Process

Since it was group project with Hans Jakob and he is a gamer we divided our tasks into to two parts, technical and visual. Hans Jakob was in charge of the technical part and I was in charge of visuals and sound. It was practical for us to save more time and so we could explore more options compared to the other groups. All the characters were created in Blender and programed in Unity with a developer account. Unfortunately our temporary developer account for the project has expired so the game no longer exists. 

Rendering characters on Blander by Hans Jakob

Game Scenario

The main character of this game is an angler fish. The player has to move the fish around by pushing buttons and tilting the iPad to change direction and eat small ocean creatures to get life and energy. If a dangerous fish such as sharks or jellyfish come close to angler fish, it will alert the player with sounds. Then the player has to move the angler fish away as fast as possible to avoid attack. And the player will notice how far they are from the dangerous fish with volume of the angler fish’s sounds.

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