Feature and material

320mm X 240mm X 120mm ABS, Acryl, High-glossy  


Exhibited at Korean art and design center 2005 

Everyone who is skipping breakfast is actually wanting to have breakfast. Because they do not have enough time or it simply becomes a habit to skip, even some people who have breakfast rush to cook and eat because they do not have enough time to do so. On the other hand, everybody knows how important it is to have breakfast accord- ing to research. Therefore it seems we require something to make breakfast easy and quick. 

This product makes a single person breakfast in a much more convenient and faster way. It combines functions of various household appliances that have been deserted in the corner of a kitchen. This will provide a more organized and sensuous environment for users. This Product is not just a complex body. I focused on solving problems of each household appliance, putting various functions together effectively and minimizing any defect that may happen in the process of function combining. So we can get this completely new type of product.

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