A.T.O.N.E Methods, Drawing, Interview, Workshop

Project Team Members

Marianne Sælensminde, Vivienne Nürnberger, Rickard Jensen

Project Supervisor and Support Team

Berit Lindquister, Anne Marie Brady(Director Customer Experience / BRING),
Hans-Peter Daae(Corporate Strategy / BRING)

Illustration about what is service design
Drawing by Ron / Quote from Marianne Sælensminde


It was a nine weeks long project with BRING. BRING is the child company of Posten Norge, specialized in business to business delivery services. Also it was part of a research project between Posten and The School of Architecture and Design (AHO). There wasn’t set of problem area or task for the project. The topic was quite open at the starting point and three different groups were working together for research, interviews, and workshops using the A.T.O.N.E method. There were four people in my group including myself and we created a design consultancy called SNUS for the BRING project.

Bring's customer journey and insights_Click to see full size   Visualised by Simón Sandoval and Jane Pernille Landa Hansen

Bring's customer journey and insights_Click to see full size
Visualised by Simón Sandoval and Jane Pernille Landa Hansen

Process and the A.T.O.N.E. Method

To gain insight from Bring from every aspect of business we used the A.T.O.N.E. method developed by Simon Clatworthy. A is Actors, T is Touch-points, O is offers, N is Needs and E is experiences. Since there were three groups, we took one or two letters each from the method and ran the workshop with Bring’s employees. When one group held a workshop with Bring with each letter, two other groups at AHO ran a workshop with the same so we could go through all the processes together. We also interviewed 4 customers of Bring and 2 non-customers of Bring to get the customer’s perspective.
More information about A.T.O.N.E Method

Workshop_Customer journey with BRING employees

A.T.O.N.E Method Poster 




“The logistics business is fierce with a lot of competitors fighting over the same customers. “
Insight from the research phase showed that Bring´s competitors have similar offerings to Bring and we think that it would be beneficial for Bring to find new ways to differentiate themselves at the forefront of the growing e-commerce market.  So we set our vision for the project to reposition Bring from service provider to preferred e-commerce partner by strengthening relationships within the e-commerce business.



Bring plus is a community created by Bring, where they use their intellectual property and network to enable their customers and partners to co-operate and co-create in new ways. Bring Plus aims to move Bring from a logistics company of packages to a logistics company of packages, information and innovation. It also aims to position Bring as an active leader of e-commerce in whole Scandinavia.  By creating a shared network to strengthen e-commerce and provide new service collaborations Bring should become the preferred partner in this field.  With the introduction of two new tools “Bring Together” and “Bring Forward” the customers get an opportunity to develop their businesses and the e-commerce market further and to participate actively in a growing e-commerce community.

Structural overview of BRING PLUS

Structural overview of BRING PLUS

Within “Bring Together” a network platform is provided for the customers to start collaborations amongst themselves with the help of external partners. Examples of this could be branding each other’s companies, exchange of resources or bundling orders.

“Bring Forward” aims to give Bring’s customers a voice and a place where they can express themselves and participate in the growth and development of the e-commerce market.

Value Propositions

Examples of Bring Together

Example of Bring Forward

Example of MyBring Website



Getting a field project is always surreal because there are real people involved but at the same time we can learn a lot more from these real world experiences. Through the Bring project, I have improved my skill to create workshops and facilitate them. I also learned how to come up with ideas and develop them in business models through the Bring project.

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