Scale and material

Scale 1/150 
Styrofoam board, Acryl, Line tape, Putty, Model woods   

The Crematory appears too cold and gloomy. It is just a cement building with a gas oven to cremate the remains of loved ones... more doom and gloom... How about a graveyard, where visitors are given a more pleasant background with fresh air and nature surrounding, to remember who they have lost. There is a smell of fresh earth and the sounds of water and birds, so with this crematory which I intend to renovate, using this same atmosphere we can give rest to the dead and peace to the mourners.

Going from life to death is like our spirit is traveling from one world to another. A better world... This world is more beautiful and without pain, it is also far away from the troubles of our earthly lives. Therefore, I wanted to create an elegant entrance, like a stairway to heaven, to the crematory that would give visitors feelings of magnificence, dignity, and ascension. 

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