Working holiday in Australia 2010-11

After working in the design field for 4 years in Korea I decided to seek a bigger world by living overseas. So I went to Australia for a working without having any detailed plan. It was a big challenge for myself even though I had already traveled to many other countries before that time, because living overseas without speaking English properly was difficult at first. One clear goal I had was finding myself and planning my future. While I stayed in Australia I had many memorable experiences and met many amazing people. If I hadn’t gone to Australia at that time in my life, I don’t think I would have ever come to Norway. 

Volunteer trip to East Timor 2008

When I was an employee of The Body Shop in Korea, I went to East Timor through the Value Activity Program, a program run by The Body Shop. The Body Shop has one after school activity center for kindergarten to middle school age children and they send volunteer teams once a year that are selected from The Body Shop offices all over the world. Our task was to create and run activities at the center for two weeks. The first time, I thought I was going there to help them or their community, but during my stay there, I realized that I got much more from them than they got from me. I learned a lot about how people can be happy and find inspiration in many different things. Now I’m thinking, that was the main purpose for our company sending us there, was to change the way we see things and give us a positive outlook towards life.


President of student union 2004

In 2004, during my third year of university, I served as Student Council President at the Design College of University. The Design College offered eight different majors and was host to two thousand, five hundred students.  As president I organized  all the college events and served a the middle man between the students and the university administration.  Through this position I learned leadership, and communication skills.


Travel to over 25 countries 

Traveling is one of the big passions of my life. My first trip overseas was when I was twenty-two years old, I am a little addicted to traveling and I try to go somewhere I have never been whenever I have the time and money. Seeing different cultures and people’s lives is the most interesting part and of course learning the history as well. I think, meeting different services and systems all around world made me a more holistic thinking service designer now as well.



As many other designers do, I love taking pictures. My photography skill isn’t professional by any means, but through putting objects or people in that small square space, I can see them from a different point of view and find interesting parts that I never noticed before.