Chun-An City Hall, Chun-An, Korea 



This exhibition hall is for showing our future lifestyle, which is a ubiq- uitous housing system for visitors. The client for this project was the city hall of Chun-An city. I was in charge of floor planning, along with acting as superintendent at the construction site and creating the graphic design for the signs. It was my first project at Eleem as an inte- rior designer. It took almost two months to complete the construction. 
I used wooden material for the main floor and the walls to create a modern image. This model house is designed so that visitors can control the lights, TV and other electronics with a touch pad screen or remote control. I used LED lights under the furniture and an abstract an exhibition space rather than a normal house. chiffon shape to give the room a futuristic atmosphere. Also I covered part of the ceiling with extensional chiffon cloth so it looks more like an exhibition space rather than a normal house.


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