Feature and software

60mm X 120mm X 13mmmodeling : Rhino Design, rendering : Light Effects 

Multimedia products are disappearing! Walkmans, CD players, video, etc, even digital cameras and MP3 players are disappearing. On the other hand, combinations of multimedia products are increasing. These combinations are of course seen in the cell phone. In a few years, multimedia functions will be just as important as the calling function in cell phones. Watching movies, taking pictures, listening to music and watching TV are all desired features. It is important to fulfill most of these popular requests. Anticipating future trends, I designed a completely upgraded cell phone. A Two-in-One concept that accepts multi functions better than previous products. The Two-in-One phone was designed for the best in comfort and ease with multimedia functions. It was designed with a wide two-in-one LCD screen that has the ability to play movie clips and take photos at the same time. A 180’ rotating camera lens, joystick menu buttons, two lined key pads, and other features will improve user ability. All the functions help the user to work freely in any place. Most of all, its design is clean, simple and modernized giving each function a unique but simple use.

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