Feature and software

20mm X 60mm X 15mm
modeling : Rhino Design, rendering : Light Effects 

Project partner

LG Electronic

Today mobile phones are more than just a phone, making other devices such as MP3 players, cameras, and radios obsolete. That means the mobile phone is an independent and complicated device, which will allow us to work and enjoy entertainment through them soon. The entertainment aspect is especially appealing to consumers, but so far all that is available is standard games, but nothing allowing more interaction between the user and the device. Therefore, I want to present mobile accessory which the user can interact with for entertainment purposes. 

This accessory is not only for entertainment purposes, it also gives the user access to many useful functions. It can also be used without the mobile device. The main function is as a motion light and a flashlight. The motion light function will lead users to its entertainment purposes through direct use. This is the perfect accessory for both a mobile device and on its own, using a simple and compact design. 

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