Cafe Restaurant in Seoul, Korea

It was one of largest launch events for a new product range. Over 100 people attended including VIP customers, famous entertainers, and editors from beauty magazines. This café was to open as a concept café so I had to divide sections with big walls so visitors could not see the inside of the event hall before they walked into the photo zone. I also put big semi- transparent decal sheets on the windows so this event hall would look more like an independent space. 

original café view before display 

after display

I was in charge of floor planning, graphic designing and designing the appliances, including all of the furniture and show cases. This floor plan was designed with six sections: an entrance passage for greeting and giving basic information about the event to visitors, a photo zone for photographing visitors, an organic beverage bar, a product display section for testing and receiving samples, a stage for presentation, and a massage room. I used all natural material such as wood and grass to make it connect with both the company and product image. 

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