Material or Software

Pop app, App cooker, App taster.

Project Supervisor and Support Team

Mosse Sjaastad, Lars Marcus Vedeler


How many pictures or videos do you have on your phone? We often struggle to find a specific picture from phone album. There are too many pictures and they are not organized in a categorical way. Oh My City is an image application for travelers who love to take pictures and share them with others. Through Oh My City, users can find pictures much faster.  Users can also document and manage pictures and videos on an analog looking application, it will increase the value of memories of a trip. 

Application flow chart

Prototype on POPAPP

Project Process

The first step after setting a target group and concept, was prototyping the application with a paper drawing. Then I linked all the buttons and functions on POP APP to test them out by clicking through. After we received feedback from user testing, I got rid of some of the functions and developed an entire flow chart to be more contrite. For the next step, I created pages on Graphic Tool and connected all the functions on AppCooker then used AppTester for user testing. User testing was held at a user research company called NetLife Research with 2 users. In the final week I developed some functions and graphics on the app based on user feedback from user testing.

Prototype on AppCooker

User tasting at NetLife

Functional Explanation

Oh My City is basically a platform for images on smartphones. Users can create albums with city names that the user has been to.  The user can also create categorized folders within each album. By using natural leather and wooden textures for the background, it gives to user the feeling of a real photo album. Users can create unlimited city albums and the entire album is indicated on the world map to make it easy to find the right city. When users click the city (album), it shows categorical folders and pictures inside from that city. All the icons are designed to easily recognize the functions and learn them quicker.

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