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Group members

Ida Elisabeth Ravn, Jose Manuel Redondo Lopera, Aru Redondo,
Maria Yang, Mahfoud Ameuri, Ida Myhre Nielsen


All the JAMers



It was the second JAM I participated in. The Sustainability JAM is an event where people from different backgrounds and skill sets gather and work in groups for 48 hours to solve a problem or complete a task presented by the Global JAM organization. Since it was the second JAM for me, I felt more relaxed and able to observe other groups work and sometimes offer them my thoughts or advice. The theme given to us by the global organization was a drawing of unfolded box. My group took it as a private area that every body has and tried to create a new service that challenges people to come out of their comfort zone and build stronger relationships with others.  More info Global Service JAM Organization


Meeting new people




The concept from my group was “Just Do It”. It is a challenging tool/mobile application that gives you daily challenges that you can do in work place as extra activities. The contents of the challenge would lead employees to leave their comfort zone and give them an opportunity to challenge themselves professionally. The main goal of this challenging application is creating a better work atmosphere by building a better relationship between employees and increasing employees’ engagement at work. Just Do It has three main functional areas. The first part is getting a challenge and taking it. The second part is sharing your activities with others through pictures or text on the application, also other people can comment or like your posting. The last part is challenging others by playing games. The user can send/challenge with the same activity he/she took to other users. Just Do It was won for the “Best concept prize” by juries from Making Waves and Norway Design Council.  




# Final concept sketch video / edited by Ron

Winning the first prize

Winning the first prize 


Again, I should say it was an amazing experience. I learned so much from the other groups and other group members. Mostly I learned so much of how to think in a more holistic way from a business aspect. Working with so many brilliant people for 48 hours was such an enjoyable opportunity to have.

* Photos courtesy of Alex Asensi

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