Feature and material

280mm X 280mm X 1,500mm
Plywood, ABS, Putty, Acryl, Cross-stitch Cloth, Aluminium, High-glossy 


Exhibited at Korean art and design center 2005 


Prize for best diploma project





What will it be like if we could feel the sound with our eyes as well as with our ears? Until now we have only been able to visualize audio information. But I tried a more concrete approach. Designing this speaker, I put emphasis on three points. First, pursuing a sensuous design that can visualize sound, so that the consumer can feel the sound not only with their ears but also with their eyes. The second, making it possible for users to establish sound by interaction. Lastly, considering the first two points, I wanted the design as simple yet as vivid as possible.

Through this product, users can feel the sound with both their ears and eyes. When the sound changes, the position of the speakers also changes with the scale and the range of the sound, and vice versa. That is, if users move the position of the speakers, the sound will change with the movement. So users can create a sound of their own. This player and the speakers are designed to replace big sized audio equipment in your living room. It needs some space for the move- ment as we mentioned above. Each part of this speaker has an output of 10W to 250W, so the sound box is somewhat big. Its height is 1500mm with its cap closed and 1650mm with its cap open. 

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