Interview, Brainstorming, Play with Lego and toys, Paper prototyping.

Group members

Ane Linea Lind, Anna Gharibi, Elena Kalitina, Habibollah Hosseinpoor, Catherine Kah



The Sustainability JAM is an event where people from different backgrounds and skill sets gather and work in groups for 48 hours to solve a problem or complete a task presented by the Global JAM Organization. It was my first Global JAM experience, I felt nervous and a little tense at the start but those feelings quickly went away after the JAM started. There were 6 people in my group and every one had a different background so we could learn and inspire each other. The theme for the JAM was [A B 3] and no one knew what that meant and I’m sure no one knows what it meant now.   
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The concept for my group was “Adopt A Box”. Adopt A Box is a service where people can adopt small personal garden boxes made for gardening in a small private or public space. To adopt a box, the user has to take courses that will give them knowledge of gardening and by taking a course with payment, the organization can check if the user is responsible enough to adopt a box. When the user finishes the course they can adopt a gardening box for free. It’s the same logic as people paying for the process of making a baby rather than paying to adopt a baby. One of the extra values of this concept is the user can bring their box to a public sharing garden or roof top so users can socialize with each other. Through this concept we try to solve three problems 1. Food waste, 2. Green urbanism, 3. Social interaction between neighbors. The Adopt a Box concept was chosen for the best idea by audiences at the JAM.

Customer Journey

Final presentaion

Sharing experiences from JAM with classmate  


It is hard to explain or define how I feel about the JAM. I would say it’s an incredible experience and I’m grateful to have meet all the talented people at the JAM. One of the biggest outcomes from the JAM was coming up with a concept and developing it in 48 hours with people I had never met before. It requires us to think on our feet, but most of all I think the most required skill for this event is how to structure a whole process and to see a bigger picture than spending time arguing. Overall, I would say JAMing is one of the valuable experiences as a service designer.


* Photos courtesy of Alex Asensi

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